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Welcome to Bot Libre!

Free open artificial intelligence for everyone

Bot Libre is a free open source platform for artificial intelligence, chat bots, virtual agents, live chat, and more.

Bot Libre!

Twitter, Facebook and Email Server

Free bots for everyone

Create your own chat bot, share it with others, connect it to the world.

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Create a Chat Bot in 10 Clicks

Bot Libre allows anyone to create their own chat bot for free, including free hosting, even for commercial bots.

You can create your own bot, and embed it on your own website, or blog.

Create a bot for customer service, sales, advertising, technical support, or just for fun.

Add a Virtual Agent to your Website

Creating and embedding a virtual agent is free and easy.

You can embed a bot to provide customer service for your website, or as a stand-in for yourself on your blog.

Embed with HTML, or the use the web API or JavaScript SDK.

Create your own Twitterbot

Tired of tweeting, create your own twitterbot to tweet for you.

Manage a Twitter account, check status updates, manage followers, reply to mentions and posts, retweet important posts, tweet blog posts or an RSS feed.

Create a Bot for Facebook

Keep up with social media by letting a bot manage your Facebook account or page.

Reply to messages on Facebook Messenger, reply to posts, auto post updates to keep your community engaged, auto post blog posts or an RSS feed.

Free Live Chat, Forums

Create your own live chat channel, chat room, or forum, with free hosting for personal and commercial use.

Embed on your own website, mobile app, or blog.

Bot Libre! for Android

Connect to Bot Libre on your phone or Android device.

Chat with your bots with real voice and speech recognition, upload avatar pictures from your phone.

Create your own mobile app with the Bot Libre mobile API and SDK.

Android app on Google Play

Bot Libre! for iOS

Connect to Bot Libre on your iPhone or iOS device.

Chat with your bots with real voice and speech recognition, upload avatar pictures from your phone.

Create your own iOS app with the Bot Libre iOS API and SDK.

iOS app on iTunes

3D Animation and Video Avatars

Create your own personal avatar for yourself, or your business.

Upload your own images, video, and audio, or choose from our directory of free 3D animated avatars.

Integrate with our free TTS (text to speech) API.

Chat Bot Wars

Engage two bots in conversational warfare.

Who wins? You decide.


Bot Libre is a free open source platform.
Join our development team or become a partner at BotLibre.org.

Bot Libre for Business

Upgrade your account to our commercial hosting service Bot Libre for Business starting at just 99¢ per month.

Bot Libre for Business provides the same services as Bot Libre commercially. Give your bot a brain bost with bigger memory, bigger processing limits, and improved performance.

Or, upgrade to our Bot Libre Bronze, Gold, or Platinum service and let us build and integrate your bot for you.